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John and Hank Green make videos on the internet. They're surprisingly good at it and, as of 2014, have received more than 1,000,000,000 views on their various projects, and no, that wasn't a typo. With those kinds of numbers, we thought it was important to design a really beautiful website that showcased all of the things we're doing.


If you are signed up for this list you will get a monthly-ish message from Hank and / or John. This message will include thoughts about the world, links to interesting and pertinent information and recent new vlogbrothers stuff. Sign up here!






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John is an award-winning author. His most recent novel, The Fault in Our Stars, has been on the New York Times best-seller list for over a gajillion weeks. It was turned into a movie! And so was Paper Towns! Wowza.


SciShow - Science news and information

SciShow Space - Space news and other astronomical awesomeness

Crash Course - College level science and history courses for free online

Mental Floss - Fascinating, fast-paced trivia

Dear Hank and John - A comedy podcast about death


Pemberley Digital - Converting classic works into online video

The Brain Scoop - Zoology and Taxidermy with Emily Graslie (now operated by The Chicago Field Museum)

Sexplanations - Sex and Sexuality with Dr. Lindsey Doe

The Art Assignment - Artists give creative challenges to viewers to complete

Animal Wonders - Animals and their awesomeness hosted by Jessi Knudsen CastaƱeda

Healthcare Triage - Mythbusting videos about medicine, health, and healthcare

How To Adult - Tips and tricks for being a grown up, hosted by Emma Mills and T. Michael Martin

SciShow Kids - Science videos for kids, hosted by Jessi Knudsen CastaƱeda

Crash Course Kids - Gradeschool science videos, hosted by Sabrina Cruz

The Financial Diet - A show all about personal finance

Cereal Time - A weekdaily morning show hosted by Charlie McDonnell and Jimmy Hill


DFTBA Records - A merch and music company co-founded with the amazing Alan Lastufka and headquartered in Missoula, Montana, where there is no sales tax.

VidCon - The world's largest conference for people who make, support, and love online video. VidCon 2014 sold out with 18,000+ attendees.

NerdCon: Stories - A two-day conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, created to celebrate the power and magic of storytelling.

Project for Awesome - A yearly charity fundraiser that uses the power of YouTube to do good.


Hank's email is [email protected] John's email is [email protected] - Yes, we do read these, no, we don't often respond. These are our actual addresses that we actually use for every-day correspondance, so please don't spam us.

We do not have mailing addresses, sorry. Also, don't try and find our houses, because that totally creeps us out. It is possible that you'd like to ask some questions that we've answered in the FAQ below.


Can you say Happy Birthday to my friend for me / propose to my girlfriend / ask a girl to prom / tell my mom she's great?
I'm just going to say it now: Happy Birthday! CONGRATULATIONS! Save a dance for me! Your mom is, indeed, great! The reason we can't do these shoutouts is pretty simple: There are too many of them. Wondrously, many nerdfighters have a birthday every single day, and if we wish ONE friend a happy birthday, then we will have to wish many more friends a happy birthday, and then eventually our lives will become this weird Kafka-esque descent into full-time 24-hour-a-day happy-birthday-wishing, and our families will feel neglected and wonder why we never wish THEM a happy birthday, and we'll stop making vlogbrothers video and it will be totally tragic.

Is there an address where I can send you stuff?
Yes and no. John has a P.O. Box, #30152 in Indianapolis, IN 46230, and Hank's is #8147 in Missoula, MT 59802. But it should be noted that we do not reply to snail mail. There are no exceptions to this rule. We do not even reply to snail mail from our mom.

But what is your home address?
Please do not visit us at home or try to figure out where we live or send us creepy stuff in the mail. That is frankly kind of terrifying and makes us (particularly the half of us with social anxiety) feel like we are endangering the privacy and well-being of our families, which is not a good feeling.

Can I interview you?
Whether you're doing a middle-school project, a graduate thesis, or a front-page spread for the New York Times, the answer is the same. Maybe. It depends on whether or not we are in one of our extremlely-overworked periods. If we don't respond, it's simply because we don't have time, and we do feel a bit bad about it.

Why haven't you covered issue X in a Vlogbrothers video?
Who knows! When it comes to news stories, we tend not to discuss stories that we feel the news media in the US is adequately covering. We also only talk about things we understand (at least a little). Plus, there are a lot of things that interest us, but there are also of course some things that don't interest us. The vlogbrothers channel is not an attempt to be an encyclopedic examination of the universe. That said, we are always happy to see your suggestions for videos/blog posts/etc. in comments and @replies and tumblr asks.

Can you promote X charity/fundraiser?
Again, there are many worthy causes, and we can only discuss and support a few of them. Every year, the Project for Awesome offers you the opportunity to make a video about the charity or cause that matters most to you, and then the nerdfighter community together chooses which charities to support with the p4a fundraising funds. This results in a huge diversity of causes supported: In 2013, we split up over $700,000 between 20 charities--from the Harry Potter Alliance to Save the Children. Hank and I in particular are passionate about global health, poverty, and education. Our personal efforts tend to focus on organizations and institutions with similar concerns.

Can we make a collab video together?
We don't have much time to collaborate at the moment, sadly.

Can I have your autograph if I send an SAE?
No. We just don't have the infrastructure at the moment to sort and reply to large volumes of mail (or even small volumes of mail, come to think of it). However, there are relatively inexpensive ways to get our autographs, through DFTBA Records or in John's case, by getting a signed book from John's favorite independent bookstore, The Book Cellar.