Nerdfighter Community


It’s never been interesting to us to just make things to be passively consumed. The whole point was always that the process was two-way. This is not something that is ours, it’s something we’re a part of. And when you’ve been doing it that way for more than a decade, the inside jokes get a little thick on the floor. 

A brief introduction...John saw an arcade game with a bad font once. It said “Aerofighters” but he thought it said “Nerdfighters.” John has since become one of the world’s best Aerofighters players. That is not a joke. But also the loosely organized group of people gathered around Vlogbrothers content came to be known as Nerdfighters and the world they inhabit, Nerdfighteria. So that’s where that came from. 

If you want to fully grasp the lexicon, you can, but it is of course in no way expected by anyone. There’s no one who’s aware of all of the joke threads that have been spawned and neglected over the years, least of all us. The important thing is that the goal is to be unironically enthusiastic about our passions, interested in the complexity of the world, and kind and thoughtful.

And yes, we know that that seems a little saccharine in the face of the jaded and imperfect world of 2019, that’s part of the point.