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VidCon US, VidCon AU, and VidCon LDN are the world’s largest events for fans, creators, executives, and brands that are passionate about online video and building diverse communities. Across the three events, VidCon will host tens of thousands of attendees who will enjoy a variety of live performances, panels, fireside chats, interactive experiences, fan and creator meet & greets, innovative brand activations, and more. VidCon’s flagship show, VidCon US, will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2019. VidCon was founded by veteran YouTube creator Hank Green and was acquired by Viacom in 2018.


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Podcasts are changing the world.

They’re building communities, extending empathy, bringing laughter, and making the dishes just way more pleasant to wash. PodCon was founded by Hank Green, Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor, Justin McElroy, and Travis McElroy. We (the people who started PodCon) are fascinated by all of this, and we love this art form.

In 2017, we gathered fans, creators, and industry in one place to celebrate podcasts. Whether it’s news, interview, scripted, comedy, advice, true crime, gaming, fiction, or nonfiction storytelling, it’s new, it’s exciting, and we love it. We did it again in January 2019, and it was just as special as the first go round.

PodCon featured live podcasts, panel discussions, workshops, connections, networking opportunities, mashups, and meet and greets. It's an event designed for creators, fans, and industry, and every session is open to all attendees. 

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NerdCon: Stories

MINNEAPOLIS: October 2015
Minneapolis: October 2016

From the moment we could speak, we’ve been telling each other stories.

And since then, our stories have defined and created us. Every human society that wants to behave different first has to change the stories they tell. The story was — and remains — the key to the marvel of human progress. Stories in songs, in books, on the stage, around the campfire. Stories drove the evolution of human language and fostered the massive burst of creation that accompanied it. We celebrate our culture all the time, but we don’t do a great job of just praising the institution of the story.

in 2015, with the help of 40 special guests, and a few thousand adventurous lovers of narrative, Hank Green and Patrick Rothfuss created NerdCon: Stories, a two day conference of connection, content, instruction, and hilarity. The feel of the event was electric, the consensus was that it was maybe the best thing ever.

And in 2016, to reflect the diversity of ways humans tell stories, we featured over 60 special guests including authors, actors, artists, narrators, podcasters, puppeteers, comedians, dancers, directors, screenwriters, game designers, radio hosts, musicians, comic writers, and cartoonists. All of these people came together to discuss and celebrate the institution of the story. This simple human thing that creates us and defines us.

We are made of stories. Celebrate them at NerdCon: Stories.


NerdCon: Nerdfighteria

BOSTON: February 2017

NerdCon: Nerdfighteria was the first-ever official Nerdfighter convention and celebration of 10 years of nerdfighting. It was a giant celebration of all things nerdy, creative, educational, fun, and weird.

Here is a very incomplete list of things that happened at NerdCon: Nerdfighteria:

– Panels, workshops, discussions, & more
– Signings with Featured Guests
– Live podcast recording (including Dear Hank & John)
– Lots of music
– An expo hall with vendors, activities, and fan activism
– A board game zone
– Featured Guest kaffeeklatsches (Featured guests hang out with a dozen attendees and chat about anything & everything)
– Amazing programming by YOU, the community!

NerdCon: Nerdfighteria featured all manner of excellent goofiness. DFTBA!